Climate change links

Although we can imagine an ideal in which everyone on the planet lived with current resources and technologies in a sustainable manner, I don’t see that happening. I look out for new technologies that might help on a big scale.

What encourages me is the number of possible technologies rather than any particular one. Many may not work but amongst this variety of attempts something will emerge.

There are lots of other details and proposals in the scientific journals but I want to pick out items that have caught the journalists attention and have been presented in a manner that anyone can read.

It is rare that we can have an experiment on global warming but this seems to be what the sun is setting up for us over the next few years.
A sharp drop in solar activity could soon tell us how much mankind and the Sun are responsible for warming the planet (Tuesday November 17, 2009)

It amazes me that the government can dismiss a scientific view without good reason. I want to know what is wrong with what is said not merely a statement that it is wrong, then understanding will improve. Britain’s renewable energy targets are ‘physically impossible’, says study (Thursday 12 November 2009).