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Climate change, opinion change

This is not so much climate modelling as climate fact:

Provisional Statement on Status of Climate in 2013: Continuing high temperatures globally and many climate extremes worldwide

At last it seems people in a place one least it expected are accepting facts:

Majority of red-state Americans believe climate change is real, study shows

Here are the Texas results:

Public Opinion on Global Warming in Texas: 2013

I always wondered about the inconsistency of the global warming skeptics in criticizing the measurements of warming trends by many climate scientists but still using the measurements, published by these same scientists, that seemed to show there was a ‘pause’ in surface temperature rise. It seems that the pause is itself an an artifact of the way measurements were interpolated, though it was never a pause anyway but just a lower rate of increase.

Global Warming Since 1997 Underestimated by Half

What this emphasizes is that trends over short time-periods, like 10 to 20 years, are not reliable indicators of long term trends.

Scientists correct results

See what difference a headline makes World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown. This comment ends with “The revelation is the latest crack to appear in the scientific consensus over climate change”. I think that the consensus is that still glaciers are melting and the long-term temperature of the earth is increasing. The timescale of the Himalayan melting has been corrected. It did seem to me that it was faster than seemed likely when I read the report and it does disappoint that the IPCC passed this estimate, but the big message is: if something is wrong it will be corrected because that is what scientists do. This is to be compared to the continual evasion of people who try to trash the evidence for CO2 caused global warming: Please, show us your code is remarkable exchange on the idea that the recent warming is due to changes in the sun, rather than greenhouse gases.