Tony Blair’s War

I remember Bryan Gould from the early 1960s and liked his approach when he became an MP. Here he has come up with something that I gave my view on in this blog some weeks ago. He has had some insider experience so it is comforting to know that his view is the same as mine – Tony Blair saw himself as a World Statesman and wanted to consolidate that position: The real reason for the Iraq war. We never escape our inner nature. Here is a small comment on the outer natures of some politicians that relates to Brian’s point: Don’t give up the day job – how artists make a living, ‘ A recent waitressing shift at the Houses of Parliament didn’t go quite so well: “It was one of the most ­horrendous days of my life – everyone treated you as if you were scum. I wanted to cry, and on my way out I said, ‘I’m afraid I can’t make tomorrow’s shift.'” ‘. This points to the same inner natures that lead to some making unjustified expense claims.

I wonder what inner nature drives the target policy: This social work by computer system is protecting no one. I think we need more human-human interaction than human-machine interaction [message to myself!] The two humans can also both be oneself in introspection.

Yet some tick boxes can be good: The doctor taking safety to new heights. The problem is that we cannot avoid having to make judgements; there are no eternal rules. Some religions think there are, some don’t. My favourite Buddhist story is where Gautama is told by people that some come and tell them one thing and others come and tell something different so what does he think they should believe. He tells them to think it out for themselves.