My starter post using WordPress

Having read many blogs and found many of them useful I thought I should do a blog myself. There is nothing to lose, as I make notes on many things anyway, and here there is a structure to help me in that noting. A few other people may find items of interest in what I post such as –

I have just ‘discovered’ Speedfit pipes and fittings. My DIY plumbing in the past was always with copper pipes and elbows and a blow torch. Sometime in the 1950s I fitted a gas geyser and repaired a large ‘boiler’ (for boiling white clothes with bleach) when I lived with my parents. Then I got stuck with that technology. I have known about plastic pipes for many years but not being in the trade I thought of them as second class plumbing citizens for the wimps to use. Now I know better. I found that Speedfit can be bent into a curve just like copper pipe. The first project using Speedfit is a shower replacement. Details

No comments for now until I know WordPress better; it is a very rich system.